Summer 2020

As COVID drags on, we are putting plans to open the cabin for rental on hold. That said, we wanted to memorialize updates to the cabin we’ve been pursuing, many of which have also been suggested by all of you who are familiar with the property and have reached out about rental possibilities over the last year.

  • Improved river access! – We’ve refurbished the old stairs and added stairs all the way from the yard down to the firepit with solar lights all the way down; and stairs from the river bank into the river itself! As part of this project, we’ve also installed additional french drains across the property to hopefully reduce the swampiness of some of the ground closer to the river. We’ve also added a storage box down by the river and are working on better options for river-side enjoyment. We also have rive tubes for floating around on. Stairs

  • Increasing wildlife – We’ve added bird feeders, houses, and a deer feeder this summer to invite more wildlife to spend time on the property. At the same time, we’re using safe methods (“tick tubes”) to control and reduce the local tick population.

  • Rinse-off shower – We’re adding a solar-warmed outdoor rinse-off shower to help clean up before going into the cabin. Outdoor Shower

  • Cleaned up gravel driveway and paths – We’re re-graveling the driveway and key pathways around the property to improve access.

  • New trees and more berries! We’ve planted blackberry and blueberry bushes around the property edge, and added evergreen trees along the road and between the cabin and the neighboring properties to add additional privacy.

  • Furniture upgrades – We’ve replaced all the couches, with a king-sized pullout couch downstairs, and additional shelving as well as a more modern table and chairs upstairs.

  • Hot Tub improvements – the hot tub cover now opens towards the road side of the cabin, giving both more privacy in the winter when there’s less greenery, but more importantly to give a full view of the mountains!