It’s been a busy summer of upgrades, cleaning and repairs!

First, a few big upgrades – the cabin now has Internet and T-Mobile service that reaches all the way down to the river! Thanks to that, it’s also getting set up with some smart features to help us keep track of what’s happening when we’re not there.

The increasingly beat-up Weber charcoal grill has been upgraded to a Kamado-style grill plus smoker setup. It can take a bit longer to get going, but provides a ton of precise heat control when needed! The gas grill is still there for quick grilling needs, and its barn swallow residents have been kicked out (and cleaned out!). We’re also updating a ton of the lights and light fixtures to provide a lot more light in the cabin.

One upgrade that we know will be super popular is a new high-end mattress for the master bed – plus additional steel slats to keep it from sagging in the middle!

Of course, this all comes with some fun repairs as well – tons of leaks (AC, fridge, even the well), plus fixing the fireplace, and tons of cleaning things out.

In between all of this, we have also been meeting our new neighbors, and spotting a ton of the local wildlife - black bears, frogs and snakes, praying mantises, herons, bald eagles, geese, and nutria.

Upcoming plans are to clear some of the dead trees and box elder maples which have been encroaching on the house, and improving the access down to the river, as well as getting a smart lock for the front door to make access better.

View of the cabin
The fireplace.